Bark 'n Bubble Dog Spa

How can I make an appointment?  ​ You can call 319-382-6605 or make an appointment online using this link.

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What vaccinations are required?  ​ Per the State of Iowa - Rabies, Parvo and Distemper must be current in order to have any service done.  Bark 'n Bubble requires that at least 24 hours have passed since getting these vaccinations or booster shots.  All vaccinations must be done in a licensed veterinary clinic.  If your dog does not have current vaccinations, the appointment will be rescheduled and the No Show fee will be charged.


What are your policies?  

  • Refusal of Service:  We reserve the right to refuse service to any dog that we feel may be too stressed or potentially may get injured if the service is continued.  We will call the owner and have the dog picked up immediately.  It may be necessary for a vet to prescribe medications or return a different day.  The SAFETY, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS of your dog is our main concern.
  • Scheduling:  All haircut dogs must be on a regular schedule of 8 weeks or less unless approved by Tammy in advance.  If the dogs are not on a schedule such as this, matting may occur as well as potential other issues. 
  • Matting:  If there is matting, dematting may or may not be done.  It depends on the situation. There is an increased risk for injury (clipper irritation or cuts) when the dog is matted.  There will be an increased cost to cover the additional time and products used for matted dogs. This ranges depending on the extent of the matting. 
  • Fleas/Ticks:  If fleas/ticks are found on your dog, a minimum charge of $15.00 will be in addition to the service provided.  This is for special shampoo to kill the insects and then to spray and clean the salon with special insect control products.
  • No Show/Late Cancellation Policy:  48 hours (2 business days - meaning if you have a Tuesday appointment - you must notify us no later than Thursday the week prior as we are closed on most Saturdays, all Sundays and Mondays) notice must be given if you have to cancel.  If said notice is not given, a fee of 50% of the intended service price will be charged to the owner of the dog.  If a second occurrence should happen, then 100% of the service price will be charged.  These fees must be paid prior to any other service or appointment are completed.
  • Late Arrival: ​ If you are more than 10 minutes past the start of your appointment, the appointment may have to be rescheduled.  It is will be treated as a No Show and appropriate fees will be charged.  Times are set and we are by appointment only. So if you do not arrive at the correct time, it will interfere with the next appointment.
  • Pick Up:  Please make arrangements to pick up your dog within 30 minutes of being notified that your dog is finished.  We are not equipped to hold dogs for an extended period.  A fee of $25 for each 30 minutes late will be charged.  If it is after posted hours, the fee is doubled.  We have dogs at home to tend to as well.