Bark 'n Bubble Dog Spa


TOOTH BRUSHING:  May be added to any service.  Includes brushing of teeth, fresh breath gel and a toothbrush to take home. It is an additional $10.00​.                                                                                                  

NAIL GRINDING:  Can be added to any service.  Includes using a dremel tool to round and smooth the nail.  It is an additional $10.00.

MINOR TRIM: Trimming of paw pads, paws, potty areas and face.  This can be added to any Bath or De-shed service.  It is an additional $10.00.

MAJOR TRIM: This includes the Minor Trim and a full body scissoring trim.  It is NOT shaving the body, but a hand scissoring that is done to include haunches, tail, and feathers (furnishings) on the legs. (Often done on Goldens, Border Collies, Shepherds, etc.)  It is an additional $25.00 and can be added to any Bath or De-shed service.

HAND SCISSORING COAT LONGER THAN 3/4": This is specialized precision hand scissoring.  It is a special art.  It requires additional time and skill.  Adding this to any groom is additional, depending on the work required.  It could range from $25.00 to up to $50.00 in addition to the groom charge.  Once again - this is a SPECIALIZED SERVICE!  


BATH AND BRUSH OUT:  Includes thorough, yet gentle cleansing bath with the top of the line Natural Shampoos and Conditioners, a hands on doggie-ssage (massage), hand drying, clean ears and removal of any hair in the ear canal, nail trim, and a handmade personal touch.   (Note that the actual bathing process takes at least 20 minutes for a small dog.  This is truly a massaging and clean bath!  It is very hands on and allows us to really see your dog's skin!)

FULL BODY, PREMIUM GROOM:  Includes all that the Bath and Brush Out entails, plus a full body groom.  Hairstyle may be breed standard or a pet style.  It can also be something out of the ordinary.  

DOODLES AND STANDARD POODLES:  These dogs are one of a kind.  They require special treatments in order to have proper cuts.  Therefore they are in a category of their own.  They have special pricing due to the special treatments that are required for their coat.  If you have a doodle of any kind or size - labradoodle, golden doodle, aussiedoodle, etc....please use this category when scheduling.

DE-SHEDDING TREATMENT:  Includes all that the Bath and Brush Out entails, however, this is a specialized treatment to assist with shedding and to reduce it.  A specialized process, one that Tammy worked many years to develop, special hand drying above normal to remove more loose hair, and extra brushing. Long and short hair dogs that shed will greatly benefit from this treatment.  Your dog will love it, as well as your vacuum! 

Prices vary and are based on weight and coat condition.  We are not the cheapest place in town, we are a specialized grooming salon.  We are very low numbers and usually do less than 12 dogs a day total.  You dog is important to us and is not just a number to us!  

Your groomer is not stressed out.  Your dog is not stressed out.   

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